Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Landscape Photography: Winter Landscapes, The River Calder, Dewsbury. 21st December 2010

Landscapes are my favourite subject but unfortunately these days, I don't get the opportunity to devote the necessary time to photographing them properly. The following images were all taken hand-held with my trusty 10-20mm super-wide lens within 15 minutes because the temperature was -8C and I couldn't feel my finger-tips by the time I'd finished. I can't ever remember it feeling so damned cold! It's been like this for weeks and today is only the first day of winter!!!!!!!!
What I particulaly like about these shots is the fact that if you went there in summer, you'd probably see a sea of litter. Very colourful, I'll admit but not ideal for your classic landscapes. That's the magic of snow. It covers all the rubbish and makes everything look beautiful.
I was tempted to convert these images to black & white but I love the pastel colours so I decided to leave them alone.
Just to remind you, this really is the River Calder, just behind the local waste recycling centre in Dewsbury.
To have a closer look, click on the image.

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