Monday, 27 January 2014

Hodsock Priory Wedding | Lucy & Richard

Ceremony & Reception: Hodsock Priory, Blyth Nottinghamshire

Second-shooting with Gav Harrison

A cold, wet January day might not be everyone's idea of the perfect time to get married but that didn't seem to bother Lucy and Richard. They were more than happy to brave the winter weather to get the photos they wanted.

It was my first time at Hodsock Priory and I have to say, it is a fantastic venue. The gardens are beautiful, even at this time of year - I'd love to see them in the summer - and the house is both grand and very homely at the same time. There is nothing precious about it, no "do not sit on the furniture" signs like there are in some venues, and the whole day was very relaxed and enjoyable.

I accompanied Richard and the lads at his parents' house in the morning, as usual, and was introduced to Richard's uncanny impersonation of Robert De Niro. Hence all the serious, menacing "are you looking' at me?" shots!

The gods smiled on us once again in the evening when we were treated to a spectacular sunset (see Gav's blog).

Congratulations to Lucy & Richard!

Here is a selection of my shots from the day.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Commercial Photography | Trinity Kitchen, Leeds

Lighting by Gamma Illumination

Trinity Kitchen, situated in the new Trinity Leeds shopping centre in the heart of the city, houses 30 bars, cafes and restaurants. Gamma Illumination supplied LED pendant lights for Pho, a popular Vietnamese restaurant, and I was asked to go along and take a few photos.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Commercial Photography | Manchester Airport

Lighting by Gamma Illumination

I was chuffed to be offered the opportunity to spend a day wandering round Manchester Airport taking photos for Gamma Illumination. It's not something everyone gets to do due to the obvious security issues but I was lucky enough to get pretty much free-reign to go where I wanted (accompanied by a member of staff at all times, of course).
Gamma supplied over 3000 light fittings for Terminals 1 and 2, so there was plenty to photograph. All in all, a really enjoyable and rewarding day!