Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Landscape Photography | Boggle Hole, North Yorkshire

An early start with my old mate Tim on Saturday morning to get to the coast before sunrise so we could get some shots of the beach at Boggle Hole. 
The forecast wasn't very promising but it wasn't raining when we arrived, so fingers were well and truly crossed. 

The walk down to the beach was quite challenging, down a steep, narrow, very slippy path in the pitch black but thankfully we made it to the bottom in one piece without losing or breaking any kit. We braved the swarms of flies for half an hour until it began to get light, then began to shoot.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Harewood House Marquee Wedding | Elizabeth & Ajay

Christian Ceremony: All Saint's Church, Harewood House, West Yorkshire
Hindu Ceremony & Reception: The Marquee, Harewood House, West Yorkshire

Second-shooting with Gav Harrison

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Bagden Hall Wedding | Sarah & Richard

Ceremony: All Saints Church, Darton, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
Reception: Bagden Hall, Scissett, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Fast forward to October and I was back at Bagden Hall again to photograph Richard and the boys getting ready for his wedding while Gav was off doing the same with Sarah and the girls. I'm old enough to remember a certain Phil Collins doing the suit and converse trainers look in the early 80's, although I doubt if he inspired Richard to adopt it on his wedding day. It was a great individual touch and perfectly summed up the day.

The autumnal tints were just starting to show in the grounds of the hall, particularly on the old golf course, which is now wonderfully overgrown and photographically 'interesting'. 
when the boys were all ready a classic VW camper van arrived to take them to the church and I set off to get there before them. It was lucky I did because Gav passed me as I was going into the church - his satnav was telling him the church was a mile away! 

Sarah and Richard didn't stop smiling all day and their obvious joy was infectious - all their guests (and their 2 photographers) had a great time.

I wonder what Sarah is whispering to Richard in the last photo...
Answers on a postcard (as they used to say in the 80's)!