Sunday, 7 August 2011

Music Photography: Beatles Tribute Band, The Fab Beatles

Venue: Liz & Dylan's Wedding, Snaith Sports Hall, Snaith, East Yorkshire.

The Fab Beatles are one of the very best Beatles tribute bands. They have even worked for EMI records to help promote "real" Beatles products, so I knew seeing them play was going to be a real treat. My parents saw the Beatles play at the ABC cinema in Northampton in 1963, just as they were hitting the big time (The Beatles, not my parents!), and I suppose this is the nearest I will ever get. At least I had one advantage over my parents - my Dad always said "You couldn't hear a thing for all the bloody screaming!". There was none of that at Snaith Sports Hall!
Every other detail was spot-on, from the instruments (the drum kit is the actual one Ringo played on the 1964 US tour) to the in-character banter between songs (except 'Paul' was playing right-handed - sorry, I'm just being picky).
Anyway, an absolutely brilliant performance (and they even played 'I'll Get You' which has always been a favourite of mine).
I've tried to recreate the feel of the A Hard Day's Night film with these, which has a sort of hazy glowing high contrast quality to it.

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