Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Travel Photography: Channel Islands - Herm & Sark

Week 2 (Continued) - July 24th-31st: Herm & Sark

During our week on Guernsey, we decided to explore a couple of the other nearby islands, Herm & Sark, both of which are known for being beautiful and peaceful (there are no cars on either of them) and also for being wildlife havens.
We were really lucky with the weather on both days and both islands more than lived up to their reputations. Sark in particular is breathtaking (see below)!

Herm: Antony Gormley's sculpture, "Another Place XI"

Herm: The ferry (obviously)!

Herm: The view across to Jethou island with Guernsey in the distance.

Herm: Fisherman's Beach

Herm: Fisherman's Beach

Herm: From the ferry

Jethou: From the Herm ferry

Sark: Grand Greve Bay from the causeway (La Coupee)

The causeway from Big Sark to Little Sark, known as La Coupee was built in 1945 by German prisoners of war. It is 9ft wide, just over 100ft long and there is a 300ft drop on both sides to the sea. There wasn't a breath of wind the day we were there and it still felt like walking a tightrope! What an amazing place!

Sark: Grand Greve Bay from La Coupee.

Sark: La Coupee viewed from the East

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