Friday, 22 April 2011

Carr Hall Castle Wedding: Lyndsey & Andy's Pre-Wedding Shoot

Lyndsey & Andy travelled down from Newcastle to make all the final arrangements for their wedding, which included a final run-down of what we will be doing on the day and a leisurely wander around the venue, the incredible Carr Hall Castle, for a few informal shots to help them get used to being photographed.
We didn't have a great deal of time, as Lyndsey & Andy had a lot of organising to pack in while they were down here so we just had a quick stroll round the Castle and fired off a few shots as we went.
A big thank you to Nicola and the staff at Carr Hall Castle for allowing us to wander around unhindered (and thanks for the chocolates as well, although perhaps they were meant for Lyndsey & Andy!)
I can't wait to come back for the actual wedding!

CLICK HERE to see Lyndsey & Andy's wedding photographs

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