Sunday, 14 August 2016

Bagden Hall Wedding | Emma & Matthew

Groom's Preparations: At home, Shafton, Barnsley
Ceremony: St Augustine's Church, Scissett, Huddersfield
ReceptionBagden Hall, Scissett, Huddersfield

Second-shooting with Gav Harrison

OK, I know you're dying to ask - It's a 1931 Lagonda and very beautiful it is too, driven all the way from Rugby by it's owner, David. A very classy way to arrive at the church!
Apparently, the sat-nav is not original. Beats me how they found their way around in 1931 without it.
I was fortunate to have a grandstand seat on a gallery at the back of the church for the ceremony so I was able to get some really nice shots of Emma walking up the aisle and then the two of them leaving the church (two shots I'm not usually able to get - don't worry Gav does those).
In the evening, a hot air balloon flew really low over the old golf course at Bagden. At the time, Gav & I were setting up some off-camera flash shots of Emma & Matt (see Gav's blog). The occupants of the balloon shouted congratulations but we were keen for them to keep an eye on the rapidly approaching horse chestnut tree, which they managed to avoid - just.
A big thank you to Emma & Matt for being great sports and making the day so enjoyable for everyone.

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